Queer and Women Friendly

Maya Manor Boutique hotels commits itself to making a safe space for queer individuals and women making it one of the fewer queer friendly hotels in Kathmandu. It’s commitment is seen in the gender neutral toilets that it boasts in public spaces along with continuous gender sensitive trainings. As of date, it is the only hotel which has helped develop a gender sensitivity training for its staff with the help of a GESI expert. It has also one of the few hotels that has received the Travel Proud Badge from Booking.com which a badge given to queer friendly hotels after an intensive training. It also shows its commitment by continually hosts events that are both queer and women friendly – other than the ones below the hotel has hosted open mic sessions and speed dating for LGBTQ+ individuals.

Alok in Kathmandu

Alok V Menon is an poet and comic who came to Kathmandu for their World Tour in 2024. They were received in Maya Manor Boutique Hotel and partnered with the show venue to make sure that Alok’s stay was nothing less than fabulous.

Women Led Haat Bazaar

Maya Manor organizes various events with collaborative parties to liven up our guest’s stays. Our flagship event is the Women Led Haat Bazaar that we organize especially around Women’s Day every year to support women entrepreneurs of Kathmandu. We select 35 women led enterprises to showcase their products inside our garden area. We undertake the marketing of this event and make sure we can attract as many customers as possible.

FIFA Women’s Finals in collaboration with US embassy Kathmandu

Trishagni Sakya, Managing Director of Maya Manor, noticed the absence of celebrations for the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Nepal compared to the men’s FIFA World Cupevent. In response, she teamed up with the WEUnited project, an initiative focusing on empowering women through sports, and the US Embassy to organize a significant celebration to highlight the FIFA Women’s World Cup Finals. The aim was to promote and acknowledge the accomplishments of women in international sports to encourage and motivate Nepali women sports professional.

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